Kenneth P. Gurney
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Kenneth P. Gurney lives in Albuquerque, NM, USA with his beloved Dianne.  Some of you may know that he has lived in nine different states over the years, but he has found a home in his part of the southwest.

He grew up in the suburbs of Chicago where he dreamed of becoming the left fielder for the Chicago Cubs baseball team.  He earned a BA in Art from Rockford University and spent 20 years as a visual artist.  In 1993 he took up writing poetry.

Kenneth’s poetry appears on the web and in print regularly in the USA, Canada, England and occasionally in Australia, and some of the European countries.  A couple of times over the years an editor saw fit to nominate a select few of his poems for Push Cart Prizes.  He did not win. 

Kenneth edited & produced: Hodge Podge Poetry (1995-1998 in print), Tamafyhr Mountain Poetry (1998-2007 on the web), Origami Condom (2007-2008 on the web), Adobe Walls (2010-2014 in print) and Watermelon Isotope (2016 forward, on the web).  Also, he hosted open mics almost every where he landed. 

His poetry is all over the map with large doses of surrealism infused into much of his writing and exploration of his spiritual views and any idea that interests him.    

If you ever meet him in person, you will discover that he is tall—a hand full of inches over six feet.  When you find yourself in close proximity to Kenneth, you will become a target for his puns and your ears may end up hurting (hurting since the word smarting is rarely used any more) and you may groan outloud.

Outside of this web site, you will not find Kenneth on social media.
E-Mail: kpgurney@mac.com